I’d actually planned to do an 18m FITA, but a visitor to the club asked if he could share my target (and I said yes before I realised that he needed to shoot at 10-15m).  So I spent a little bit of time giving him some advice and helping him sort his equipment out.  He’s a once-a-year hunter who moved his feet a lot and has yet to develop a consistent anchor, so he was having trouble getting really consistent groups.  Also did the draw that I’ve seen another hunting-type at the club use, where you draw with the bow pointed down 45deg, and then raise it up fully drawn.  I suspect that’s got a bit do do with being overbowed, but if there’s another reason I’d be really interested to know what it is.

So, once he’d left I pushed it back and just did some non-scoring practice at 18m.  Stuck another ounce on my long-rod and that seemed to hold it a little steadier, but I haven’t shot it enough to really know.

Tomorrow I plan to do a full FITA - bit of a surprise but one of the other club guys asked if I was keen.  Spent the evening making some small adjustments so that my skinny arrows were sitting a bit more level (the rest is set up for my fat indoor arrows) and sorting out lunch for tomorrow, lunch being a very important component of shooting a full FITA.  It’s a chicken sandwich, marshmallow easter egg and a 2/3 strength bottle of gatorade, if you’re curious.

Now, to bed, because I can’t have a sleep-in tomorrow.

Sunday. FITA 25m: 554

Practise PB.

Weather turned out much better than expected - almost perfect conditions (apart from the mud). Very happy with the first half but had a wee blip in the middle where I threw an 8 and started drifting to the right - probably losing a bit of strength.

That being done, I now have my baseline scores for the season (I’m not going to bother doing one for the Shortened Chicago).

Season goal: 565.

Next month marks the beginning of the winter season so I’m sorting out what I’ll be shooting.  Long story short: I’ll be spending a lot of time shooting at an 18m target.

I’ve got two things going on in parallel: the postal league which runs from May-September, and prep for the regional indoors in August (and possibly the national indoors too, also in August).

We don’t have a permanent indoor shooting space (occasionally we can use a facility up the road, but not often enough).  So we shoot our indoor rounds outside in the cold/wet and if we’re really lucky, snow. It’s a little hard to get motivated.

Everything is shot on either a reduced 40cm or 60cm triple-spot face, like this:

Since I shoot compound, for some rounds (like the Portsmouth 2, the FITA 18 or the FITA 25) the inner gold circle is the 10 and the rest of the gold is a 9. For other rounds like the Portsmouth 1, the inner gold circle is an X, the second circle is a 10, and the rest of the gold is a nine.  For recurve it’s all the same - inner X, then 10, then 9.  In the Shortened Chicago, everyone uses 5-zone scoring, so everything gold is a 9, everything red is a 7 and blue is a 5.  

Here’s the schedule:

  • May: Portsmouth 1.  60 arrows @ 18m, 60cm face, compound scores the large 10.
  • June: Shortened Chicago.  60 arrows @ 18m, 40cm face, 5-zone scoring.
  • July: Portsmouth 2.  60 arrows @ 18m, 60cm face, compound scores the inner 10.
  • August: Shortened Chicago.  60 arrows @ 18m, 40cm face, 5-zone scoring.
  • September: Portsmouth 1.  60 arrows @ 18m, 60cm face, compound scores the large 10.

All the while practising these for regionals/nationals:

  • FITA 18m: 60 arrows @ 18m, 40cm face, compound scores the inner 10.
  • FITA 25m: 60 arrows @ 25m, 60cm face, compound scores the inner 10.

I’ve got new arrows, new faces, and my bow is all set up for indoors.  I’ve done all the procrastination I can possibly do.  Now all I need is discipline, good weather and hot coffee.

What are you doing this season?

Saturday. Portmouth 1: 586

(For the non-UK folks that’s a 60cm face at 18m).

Quite content with that as a start of season baseline. Some room for improvement (FFS, stand up straight!).

Slightly wrong scorecard as I didn’t mark any Xs - as it’s a Portsmouth 1 the compounds use the large 10, so I should’ve also been marking Xs. Makes no difference to the score though.

Season goal: 595. I’ve got till the end of May and then it’s on to the next round (possibly a Chicago?).

Finally, my stuff arrived: black matte arrow wraps from arrowwraps.com.au; Easton Diamond Vanes and orange Easton Super Nocks to dress up my X23s.

It’s a pity rain is forecast for every single day over Easter …

This is what my X23s will look like, once the right size wraps arrive (their fault), the right size fletchings arrive (my fault) and once I learn how to fletch without buggering up the spacing and making one of the vanes all wobbly and wavey (my fault, too much glue?).

The fail is strong in me this week.

Oddly disappointed with that because it felt like I was doing much, much better than last time, yet I only had a 3-point bump.

As it turned out, it was a better shoot as I shot the same number of 10s (12) but fewer reds (6 today, 10 last week).  Compare that, though, to my PB: 22 10s, 2 reds and one miss (wrong face!). So there’s still room for improvement - theoretically I can make 560 and I’m planning to blast past that to 570.  Looks like it’ll be a few points at a time though.

About half-way through I was getting all tense and spending way too long trying to pull through, so I relaxed and pulled things back on track.  I did have a tendency to pull left for an end every so often so it’d be nice to sort that out.  And then about 3/4 of the way though I got the 50-arrow droop. 

On the bright side, there was no wind, my arrows are huge and leave massive holes in the target, and hitting the middle of the 10 is basically archery pornography.  Also Sarcasmo had some brilliant ends (it scares me when she can equal my score for an end) and I suspect is some kind of indoors savant. *virtual fistbump*

Best end of the day: my one and only 10-10-10. Best end of the day: my one and only 10-10-10.

Best end of the day: my one and only 10-10-10.


Cannot help the leaning. Any suggestions??

It looks a bit like you’re leaning your left hip towards the target and your shoulders/upper body away from it (but it’s a little hard to tell because of your sleeves).

I’d straighten your front arm a bit (not locked) and do a slight push with your front hand towards the target.  I can’t tell what kind of shoes you’re wearing but I’d recommend flat shoes so that it’s easier to distribute your weight evenly. It looks like there’s more weight on your left foot.

A photo from the other side (just to check your draw-length and anchor point) would also help :)

The other day someone asked why I use fat indoor arrows. Today a pack of beautiful virgin faces arrived so here are my outdoor (top) and indoor arrows beside the tiny compound 10-ring.


Back on an archery kick atm and really want to customise my bow a little, just change the string to an orange one but it is impossible to find one to fit my horse bow with it being a lot smaller with bigger loops and that I can get in the UK. I shall continue to look though and perhaps contact a store I know see if they could make me one.

Make your own!  Get a spool of Brownell B50 and make a flemish twist.  It’s not that hard and you don’t need any special equipment (just some serving and a serving jig). It took me maybe an hour to make my first one and fiddle around to get the right length and much less than that to make the second.

If you see any instructions which mention making a board with nails in it in order to easily cut the strands to length - ignore it.  I ended up cutting 1.8m strands and then just trimming them by hand.

Downside - B50 doesn’t come in bright orange, but it does come in “golden yellow”.

Here’s Mine


Can you explain to me why people use the fat arrows? I use small diameter arrows, but I shoot outside up to 50/60 yards normally along with pulling a small draw weight. I saw a boy using the fat boy arrows at a competition and was wondering what the deal is with them.

Thanks! :) 🎯

We use fat arrows at indoor distances (18m & 25m) to increase the chance that we’ll hit the 10.  Fat arrows = more line-cutters.

With compound the 10-ring on a 40cm target (for 18m) is 2cm wide; on the 60cm face (for 25m) it’s 3cm.  I want to increase the odds that the arrow will hit that ring as much as I can!

You don’t really want to use fat arrows for outdoor distances - too much drag with the big fletchings and I suspect too heavy and way too affected by wind.  I use my skinnies for all outdoor distances (I shoot up to 70m/76.5yards).

HTH :)

(Source: archeree)

Today shooting the first 18m round of the season with my new X23s, I thought they were landing heavier/lower than the X-Busters I shot last year.  I did some measuring and confused myself even more until I realised I was comparing my X23s to my skinny carbons.  Turns out that these are slap bang in the middle of my 18m mark for my Medallion Pro outside arrows and the X-Busters.  


I measured some things:

  • Carbon Express X-Buster 350s, 30”, unsure about the points, 583gn.
  • Easton X23 2312s, 27”, 200gn points, 503.2gn.
  • Carbon Express Medallion Pro 710s, 25.5”, 100gn points (?), 307.4gn all up

(the shaft diameter and fletching size of the top two arrows is the same: I just couldn’t get a good iPhone pic).

So the X-Busters will go back to Redbow with my thanks for letting me borrow them for a whole year.  While I’m not really a pink person I will admit privately to Tumblr that I do like the pink fletchings and will kind of miss them.  Also, they’re easy to spot, whereas black nocks and black fletchings on a face with black holes in it is not easy to spot.  After consulting with Sarcasmo (who also doubles as my style guru) I’ve decided to keep the black fletchings as apparently they’re badass, will add some matte black wraps for extra badassness and will turn up the ability to be spotted with some orange nocks.

Even with the shorter arrow (my X23s vs the X-Busters) I’m still surprised they’re that much lighter, especially as I’m fairly sure my points are way heavier.  The internet tells me that the X23s are 9.5gn/inch; the X-Busters are 10.2gn/inch.  Was still quite confused by that until I realised they’re quite different spines and comparing the same spine gives me a weight differential that makes more sense - the carbons being marginally lighter.  OK, I’m good now.

TL;DR I thought my new ali arrows would be heavier than my borrowed carbons but they’re actually lighter.

Also: guy at archery told me I had a fat arrow “fetish”.

First indoor round of the year (couldn’t really do anything else except play with my brand new arrows, could I?).

Little bit messy - too many 8s.  Still, 10 below my PB, so that’s not a bad base-line for the season.  Didn’t try 25m yet with the big fatties - may do that tomorrow.  From what I could tell (when Sarcasmo watched for me) they fly really straight, so apart from lowering my rest marginally I’m all set up.

Season goals: all gold FITA 18.  Break 560.

New arrows! X23s with 200gn points. I’ll get some wraps and re-fletch soon but for now they’re just plain black.